I created this website to help this amateur bass club, I personally paid, created and promoted this site (not once asked for reimbursement), and with the change of officers, I have only had resistance.

So, since this website is actually MINE. And I am not getting the respect, help or assistance from the new officers. I am pulling this site.

For the past few years I had much appreciation, but now getting arrogance, stubbornness and rudeness.

I am good at this kind of stuff, I know how to promote and build a clientele, this site is seen by hundreds everyday (which get people interested in this club or those that didn't know that it existed), but since I am getting this action against me. I am pulling my support from this group.

Its has come to my attention that selfishness is also a factor now within the club. They take it upon themselves to make decisions that should actually be voted on in the club. This is a CLUB, majority rules, be aware of this before considering being a part of this.


Good Luck!